Editing Project

1.) Attend a 9 a.m. student media meeting.

Attending was Mike Osborne of WMOT, Andrew Wigdor with Sidelines, Ken Blake, Director of MTSU Public Opinion Poll and fellow classmates Ben Shaw and Jonathan Pointer.

Blake started the meeting off by briefly going over the latest polls. One involved gun control while the other focused on the MeToo movement. Blake gave the results of both the polls as well as the questions the polls asked.

After that, Osborne discussed the stories he and WMOT have been working on, which included the bill for a free tuition at a two year community college and the uprising intake of children in children’s services due to opioid issues.

Wigdor also went over stories that would be running in Sidelines this week (ahem…my weekly SGA article will be among them). Osborne and Wigdor also tossed a few possible stories to be written as well.

2.) Find 10 copyediting errors.

This is long and petty. Let’s begin.


 By this time, spring classes will be completed, and the weather will be nice, so plan ahead and add this playdate to your calendar.

This could be a nitpick rather than a serious copyediting issue, but the last bit of this sentence is framed off to me. I would probably add a semicolon, since “so plan ahead and add this playdate to your calendar” acts as a separate thought. The first comma isn’t absolutely needed, either. In essence, it’d look like, “By this time spring classes will be completed, and the weather will be nice; so plan ahead and add this playdate to your calendar.”


Audiences have seen this happen with “Warcraft,” “ Assassin’s Creed” and “Resident Evil.

There is a missed spacing issue on Assassin’s Creed. It should be, “Audiences have seen this happen with “Warcraft,” “Assassin’s Creed” and Resident Evil.” On the Sidelines Website, it’s even more noticeable because it shows up as a flying quotation.

The special effects are impressive, the stunt work looks realistic, the musical score is solid and the main actors hold their own, especially  Vikander and Dominic West.

The crossed out Alicia was published on the article, although it does not show up blue like it is in my documents. This is honestly the editor telling the author to nix Alicia and leave it as simply Vikander, but the author probably just missed it and the article was published. The edit should simply read “Vikander and Dominic West,” since she has been mentioned before and West had not been.


If you went to into the premiere completely blind and hadn’t seen any  trailers for the movie, you might have had a hard time believing that the same studio responsible for the live-action “Cinderella,” “The Jungle Book” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

There are two problems with this lead. The first is, “If you went to into.” Nix this ‘to’ and let it read, “If you went into the premiere.” The second is the extra space between any and trailers. It should read, “hadn’t seen any trailers,” rather than “any  trailers.” Simple mistakes.

The acting in this film was definitely on two totally opposite ends of the spectrum: Chris Pine, while still enveloped in a subpar plot, gave a fantastic performance.

I don’t believe there’s a real need for the colon. The author leaves Pine’s performance here and then goes onto the next actor. This could have simply stood as a separate sentence rather than a colon.


Star of Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman takes the top spot on the men’s best dressed list. 

The title of his film should be in quotes. It should read, “Star of Hollywood’s latest blockbuster, “Black Panther,” Chadwick Boseman takes the top spot on the men’s best dressed list.”


But, why does it always have to be so forced?

That comma after “but” is not needed, nix it.


Michaels works at Lucy Pop Salon during the day, and at night, the performer takes the stage as a “muscle queen” at Play, a dance-bar in Nashville. 

This could be grammatically correct, but it looks like the author is saying Michaels works at the salon by day and night. I’d probably nix that comma after night. It’s not really needed.


Max, played by Jason Bateman, and Annie Davis (Rachel McAdams) are a couple who fell in love because of their  intense competitiveness, especially when it comes to games.

There are two things I would correct. One, there is an extra space between their and intense. That should be fixed. Additionally, I feel there’s a consistency issue with the first part of the sentence. It may not be grammatically incorrect, but I’d probably put both actors’ names in parenthesis. It just looks clunky to me to say “played by Jason Bateman” and then have Rachel McAdams in parenthesis.


Watch this film and see what lengths these characters will go to to get their former “better half ” out of apartment they shared.

I almost didn’t catch this error, and I even had to put it into my Word document to test it. There is an added space after the closing quotation on half.

Okay, glad that’s over with.

3.) Write a story for Sidelines.


That is my most recent article for Sidelines. As casually mentioned above, though, there will another one out this week. So stay tuned!


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